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5 Second Fun


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IMPORTANT NEWS: Don’t update your iPhone or iPad just yet.


Reports are coming in that Apple have just pulled their newest update patch after fewer than 40,000 downloads following complaints from customers

In the Article: Digital spy states:

According to The Verge, Apple pulled the iOS 8.0.1 update in less than an hour, resulting in fewer than 40,000 people downloading it.

iOS has not been the only problem for Apple this week, after it emerged that some of its iPhone 6 Plus handsets may bend when pocketed for too long. The company responded to the criticism, saying: “A bend is extremely rare.”  

Read more: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/tech/news/a599275/apple-releases-ios-802-after-disastrous-update-earlier-this-week.html#~oQXbWOaV2laNWw#ixzz3EPKRD43G

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PCfitness here – have you missed us?

Hey there folks,

Sorry for not posting for a while, I’ve been busy knuckling down with work, and fixing computers, and laptops.


The newsletter for October is almost finished, so get yourself signed up by visiting http://www.pcfitnesss.co.uk and using the signup form (it’s on the right, you can’t miss it)


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PCfitness email and twitter changes

Hi everyone,
In a move to make a more uniform look and feel to pcfitness and to ease confusion, we are changing our email address and twitter channel.

Our new email address will be pcfitnesscouk@gmail.com and our new twitter channel will change to @pcfitnesscouk

The Facebook page will remain the same, and sets the precedent for this move to the pcfitnesscouk model.

So, please join us in our new twitter channel, for pcfitness news and updates.

We thank you for your continued support and patience while we carry out these changes, and look forward to seeing you on our new twitter channel :)

All the best

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New malware hidden in twitch steals your Steam wallet


Following a recent infestation of malware on Twitch that steals your Steam wallet funds, F-Secure is recommending that Valve adds a new security measure to Steam’s marketplace.

Twitch regulars are used to bots in chatrooms that encourage donations, but this malicious little bot has been inviting players to enter fake raffles, in a crafty ruse to glean funds from their Steam wallets.

F-Secure (Finnish anti-malware company) made this statement “This malware, which we call Eskimo, is able to wipe your Steam wallet, armory, and inventory dry,” says F-Secure. “It even dumps your items for a discount in the Steam Community Market. Previous variants were selling items with a 12 percent discount, but a recent sample showed that they changed it to 35 percent discount. Perhaps to be able to sell the items faster.”

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Microsoft has bought minecraft

The folks over at minecraft now have 2 and a half Billion reasons to like Microsoft, but what do the fans think?
Click here to have your say.

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