Firefox changes allegiance from Google to Yahoo.



In a turn of events, the popular browse Firefox has been recently updated to search the internet not with Google, but with Yahoo.

The Firefox team have announced a 5 year partnership with Yahoo, in a move that people who fear that Google is taking over the web will find a nice comfort.

Due to the popularity of Google Chrome, the Firefox team have teamed up with Yahoo for a different search experience, a move by Yahoo that will surely make the search engine more popular and a real contender in the search engine wars.

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Nokia are up to something….


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5 second Fun


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PCfitness gets an eBay yellow star!

As our sales are taking off on eBay, we have been awarded a yellow star for our fast delivery, fast payments, and excellent service.

To thank everyone who supports PCfitness in real life, and online, we have marked this special occasion by opening a special page that allows you to see customer comments, and also view our stock for sale.

Happy Shopping folks :)


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Lest we forget.


The first world war started 100 years ago this year, and although many of us probably won’t know anyone who served in the great war, it is likely that throughout the years since, that we have known someone who has been involved, seen action, and fought to defend this country.

Please join me for 2 minutes silence at 11am today as we remember.

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5 Second Fun


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PCfitness website gets a fresh new look

While keeping with the functionality of our website, we have made some changes, which we really like, and hope you do too.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 12.18.01

Our old version was clunky, rather drab, and frankly.. not much to look at.

After a few tweaks, we have come up with a more pleasing, cleaner, fresher look, and we think you’ll agree, it actually looks great :)


Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 12.33.48

Our new look site not only looks good, but it loads faster, and is easier to navigate too. No more hunting through menus to find what you want…. it’s all there in front of you, for a better, faster, non-nonsense experience.

Enjoy :)

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The end of the line for Windows 7 ?


With the recent demise of support for Windows XP, the Microsoft team is really concentrating all efforts to supporting it’s more recent Windows operating systems.

Microsoft will no longer ship PCs from this Friday onwards with Windows 7 (except Windows 7 Professional, which will remain as a standalone product for a limited time).

New machines come complete with Windows 8 and Windows 10 is almost here. For those who prefer the classic Windows 7 look when running Windows 8, check out Classic Shell.

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