PCfitness website gets a fresh new look

While keeping with the functionality of our website, we have made some changes, which we really like, and hope you do too.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 12.18.01

Our old version was clunky, rather drab, and frankly.. not much to look at.

After a few tweaks, we have come up with a more pleasing, cleaner, fresher look, and we think you’ll agree, it actually looks great :)


Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 12.33.48

Our new look site not only looks good, but it loads faster, and is easier to navigate too. No more hunting through menus to find what you want…. it’s all there in front of you, for a better, faster, non-nonsense experience.

Enjoy :)

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The end of the line for Windows 7 ?


With the recent demise of support for Windows XP, the Microsoft team is really concentrating all efforts to supporting it’s more recent Windows operating systems.

Microsoft will no longer ship PCs from this Friday onwards with Windows 7 (except Windows 7 Professional, which will remain as a standalone product for a limited time).

New machines come complete with Windows 8 and Windows 10 is almost here. For those who prefer the classic Windows 7 look when running Windows 8, check out Classic Shell.

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5 Second Fun


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Hoverboard becomes reality – Coming Soon


The folks over at http://hendohover.com have managed to do what many have thought impossible.

For anyone who has ever watched the “Back to the future” series featuring Michael J Fox as Marti McFly who time travels in a Delorian, they will have seen the moments, and wondered in awe as special effects brought the hoverboard to life on our screens.

Now, the Hover board is set to become a reality !

A company called Arx Pax is now looking for funding on Kickstarter for the very first mag-lev style hoverboard,

Although, the company has only created a prototype of the technology, there are plans to make the hoverboard available by October 2015, a fantastic Christmas present for next year, if you happen to $10,000 just laying around.

Check out their prototype here (you might want to turn the volume down though).

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Samsung now producing 32GB RAM Modules – 128GB Ram Coming Soon!!



Electronics giant Samsung is now producing massive quantities of the new DDR4 memory modules, in 8GB, and 32GB sizes.

Samsung has already begun producing the 32GB module this month. The new high density DDR4 includes error-correction features, increasing memory reliability, and this could mean less risk of crashing. They run on 1.2 volts, which means less heat, and better for the environment.

The new 8GB chips will enable production of better server RAM increasing memory up to 128GB through the process of applying 3D through Silicon Technology, leading the way forward for high-density DRAM sales expansion.

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5 Second Fun


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PCfitness – Now on eBay


Hey folks, just to let you all know, we have officially begun selling on eBay.

As those of you out there on eBay know, you have to start small to build up your reputation, and we at PCfitness have done just that… with only 10 items to start with, now going up to 100 items (as of today) we will soon start selling more and more through the internet, and maybe one day, even open an eBay store!

We take Paypal as our primary method of payment at the moment, and endeavour to get your items to you as soon as possible. Thankyou for reading, and Happy Bidding.

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PCfitness Christmas Logo Competition

Did somebody say competition?

At PCfitness, we are getting ready for Christmas, with new deals coming, lots of new posts, and more. As part of our run up to the festive season, we are inviting you to make our PCfitness logo more christmassy, by changing the colours, adding snow, trees, snowmen, presents, houses, candy canes, etc… to make it festive.

transparent logo

Customize our website logo, and you could win one of our amazing free-flow pens, exclusive to PCfitness. Change the colours, add snowmen, trees, stars, presents, candy canes, anything, but please don’t change the font.


What do I win?

This sleek free-flow metal ballpoint pen comes in a variety of colours, is exclusive to PCfitness Computer Services,  and will go the lucky winner of our competition. It comes with black ink, and is exceptionally comfortable to write with. If you win this pen, not only will you be the envy of your friends, but it will also be a great conversation piece when you tell them that you won it in a competition, by designing the Christmas logo for our website.


The lucky winner gets to choose one of our amazing pens from these exciting colours including Light Blue, Burgundy, Navy Blue, Green, Gunmetal, Purple and Classic Black, these come laser engraved with PCfitness name and mobile number, and exclusive to our customers and competition winners.


The Rules.

You can enter as many times as you like, but there can only be 1 prize per winner.

These pens are exclusive to PCfitness customers, and competition winners, and cannot be exchanged for any monetary value from PCfitness staff.

Once you have won the competition, you agree to take a selfie holding your pen, and send it to us for publication in our next newsletter.

Please don’t change the font.

File can be any recognisable image format, but please not png or bmp.

ALL entries must be submitted by October 24th 2014, and the winner will be notified shortly afterwards by email, and I will pick the winning entry.

The judges decision is final.

Please note: the winners prize will be sent by post, so you will need a valid home address to receive your prize.

You agree that we have the right to change the format of the picture to one that is mobile friendly (but not the image itself) and that we can use it on the website, free of charge.


Good Luck :-)

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